Directions and Parking (formatted for printing)

Most Convenient

$8.00 at Parking Lot 6 at the center of the UCLA campus. We meet in one of the red buildings (usually Ackerman Student Union, home of the UCLA Bookstore) just East. See Yahoo Group for room and time.

Directions: Get off the 405 Fwy at Wilshire Blvd, go West three blocks to Westwood Blvd, then North six blocks to the information kiosk (blue "i" on the map below) in the traffic island in the middle of the road. Buy a parking pass from the kiosk attendant, then go 100 yards to the traffic circle, and circle left into Parking Lot 6. If Lot 6 is full the attendant will direct you to Lot 8 or Lot 9.

From Lot 6/8/9 it is a short walk Northeast to Ackerman Student Union, Kerckhoff Hall, Moore Hall, Math Sciences, etc. See our homepage or Yahoo Group for this month's room and meeting time.

Want to explore the campus while you are here? Try UCLA Gateway | UCLA Campus Maps | UCLA Store.

For Those Who Don't Mind a Walk

$5.00 Pay-and-Display weekend parking at the Southwest corner of Westwood Village. From Wilshire Blvd, go up Veteran Ave 100 yds and turn right into STR 36, or up Gayley Ave one block and left on Kinross Ave to Parking Structure 32. It is eight blocks (15-20 min walk) to Ackerman from here.

Free 2 hour parking in the Best Buy/Ralphs parking lot at Le Conte and Tiverton. You can get validation inside Best Buy or Ralphs, and walk up Westwood Blvd. to UCLA. This is good for a 2-3 hour stay, but they charge you over 2 hours (and the rate may be high). A three block walk.

Free 1 hour parking at the Whole Foods lot on Gayley south of Weyburn. A four block walk.

Free 2+ hour parking can be found on side streets south of Wilshire Blvd. A ten-twelve block (20-25 min) walk to the salon. For the adventurous only.

Evenings Only

$3.00 flat rate after 6pm on evenings only, Broxton Avenue Public Parking, 1036 Broxton just below Weyburn Ave (enter from Weyburn as Broxton is one way). This multi-level lot is across the street from and 50 yards south of California Pizza Kitchen. On weekends Broxton is the same rate as Lot 6 ($8). A four block walk.