Los Angeles Future Salon (LAFS) at UCLA


Used to be: Sundays (usually) of Every Month, Noon-4pm (plus optional lunch before, coffee, dinner, movie after). Join LAFS - Events for meeting notifications.


Used to be: UCLA, Student Union Area. Scroll down for our next meeting location and details.

Directions and Parking

MEETING ROOM (used to be one of these):

Ackerman Student Union,
Room 2408 or 201A&B

Kerckhoff Hall
Rooms 131/133 or 417

Moore Hall
Room 100

Math Sciences
Room 5128

These are all a short walk from Parking Lot 6 at the center of the UCLA campus (see map).


A rough outline of format and process for meetings.




Future Salons Network
Now in 15 cities and online (Second Life).


Accelerating Times
Improving the way
we look at the future.

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Email futurists@izolo.com


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LA Future Salon (LAFS) at UCLA
Improving the Way We Look at the Future.

LAFS at UCLA brings interesting speakers, resources, and demos to the UCLA campus each month. Our mission is to explore fascinating, useful, and profitable topics in Science, Technology, Business, and Social Change, for the purpose of Education, Discussion, and Networking with other change-oriented and future-interested people. Your voice is very important to the process. Join us!

Looking for Cool Local Social Groups?
Other LA Groups We Recommend


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600+ online members, 20-40 attending each month. See you at our next meeting!

LAFS at UCLA stopped operation in July 2007, after seven great years (see Past Salons at left) when Salon founder John Smart moved to Mountain View, CA. If you'd like to reboot this Future Salon, email John or visit ASF's Future Salon Network page for tips!

2012 Update: Josie Roman and Peter Voss have rebooted the LA Future Salon in Downtown LA, as of March 2012. Check it out!

Please also check out Doug Campbell and Adam Mefford's Mindshare LA, another great LA futurist gathering.

2015 Update: These LAFS archives will stay open to public access, for those interested in exploring future oriented thinkers and speaker in the great city of LA.

See Past Salons Archive for a list of past LAFS speakers and topics.
See ASF Future Salon Network page for links to other Future Salons (now in 9 cities).

LAFS Friends
Los Angeles Area Groups, Meetups, and Events Lists That We Recommend

Looking for other cool creative, techie, future-aware, and dynamic groups in the LA area? Want more interesting events around the great metropolis for your calendar? Here are some recommendated browsing sites, from our members. Many of these have email/events lists. One fine day we'll be able to subscribe to event feeds on each these sites and have them all stream into one single online calendar! With meeting directions sent to our car nav systems, alarms SMS texted to our wearable cellphones, and one click e-commerce signup. No more email overload! OK, tech entrepreneurs, who's going to invent that for us?!

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). LA Area Student Chapters: (CSULA, UCR).
ACM LA Area Professional Chapters:
    Los Angeles Chapter, 1st Wednesdays each month. Free. Loyola Marymount University. General interest in computers.
    Los Angeles SIGGRAPH, 1st or 2nd Tuesdays each mo. $35/yr. In-depth on the latest in computer graphics. Great Group.
    Orange County ACM SIGCHI. Yahoo Group. How humans interact with computer technology.
APCUG (Assn of Personal Computer User Groups) in California. Oldskool monthly social networks for IT learning.
BarCamp Los Angeles. Everyone is a presenter, learning together. Also laid back Geek Dinners. Highly recommended.
Enigma. UCLA Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Gaming Club. Great group of creative thinkers.
Cafe Inquiry. Monthly science and freethinker presentations and discussion at CFI West. Free. Hollywood.
Calendar Live. Reviews, events and things to do in Southern California, from the Los Angeles Times.
Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum. Encouraging the growth and success of tech-based ventures in Southern CA. Great network.
Craigs List LA Events. Massive list of events posted daily. Hard to navigate, and lots of spam, but some gems.
DJ Wolfie. Wolfie's (best LA-Area DJ) great list for local warehouse and underground parties. Lots of cool, creative folk.
Dorkbot SoCal. New media and tinkering group. "People doing strange things with electricity."
Entretec (Pasadena). High tech industry association for Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley. Interesting meetings.
Executive Networking & Technology Group (ExecTec) of LA. For tech and entertainment execs. $25/mtg. Joel Ordesky.
Flavorpill LA. Nice weekly email of a hand-picked selection of local cultural events. Recommended.
Fool's Guild. Renaissance Faire folk who love foolish fun. April Fools, New Year, & Halloween Parties. Michael Kember.
Gemini Manor. Fantabulous house in east Hollywood. Alexander Lehr. Burning Man crowd. Great Halloween party.
Hike the Geek LA. Weekly LA area hikes then dining with a great group of intellectual, geeky types. Recommended.
Hollywood Hill
. Great monthly salons on digital media and social activism. $120/year + $10/event. Hollywood and West LA.
Instant Films. Fun and inspiring community that makes and shows films made by small teams in just two days..
Investors Business Daily Meetup Groups (South Bay, Santa Monica). Investment support and education community.
Kifune. Extropian/ Longevity/ Singularity / Futurist dinner-discussion group in Marina del Rey. Peter Voss. Recommended.
LA Burners Tribe. Los Angeles area Burning Man crowd. LA Decom, October of every year. Super cool, creative folks.
LA Burning Man Regional Network. Also LA Burners Tribe. Throw the LA Decom, Oct every year. Super cool, creative folks.
LA Drum Circle Meetup. Hand drumming get togethers in the LA area (Beaches, etc.). Fun!
LAFS (Los Angeles Future Salon). The coolest monthly futures group. UCLA/Westwood. You know you want to join!
LA Report. News, views, and social/entertainment/art events for LA. By Don Rose, LAFS member.
LARTA (LA Regional Technology Alliance). Regular events for technology and business entrepreneurs and investors.
LA Tech Meetup. Monthly show and tell ("nerds, creatives, entrepeneurs, investors, etc.").
LAVA (Los Angeles Venture Association). Development and financing of emerging growth companies. Great events.
Long Beach Book Club Meetup. They read and discuss a variety of books.
Long Beach Cashflow Meetup. Play the investment and entrepreneur training game Cashflow. "Get out of the Rat Race."
LASFS (Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society). Weekly Thursday evening meetings. Lending library. North Hollywood.
Meetup.com, LA Area Meetups. Huge selection of great meetups, by specialty.
Philosophy in LA. In-depth discussion of philosophical questions. 3rd Sundays in the Santa Monica/ West LA area.
Reading Physics in LA. Monthly science/physics reading group meetup.
Skeptics Society. Monthly science and skeptical inquiry meetings at Cal Tech, Pasadena. Highly recommended.
Technology Council of Southern California. Excellent LA events for technology execs and investors. Highly recommended.
Time Out - A Southern California social group. A variety of cool, alternative social events. Angie Marie.
Tribe.net, LA Area Tribes. Moderate selection of interesting local tribes.
Venice/Santa Monica Book Club Meetup. Read and discuss a new book every month. A variety of genres.

Know others we need to list here? Email us!